Hello Friends of 

Peace on the Street

A request for investment

For the last 13 years we have been providing a program of applied Zen for the youth in our community. We've applied Zen on the physical side through Sifu Richard’s martial arts training. We've provided Zen on the spiritual and psychological side through our meditation classes.

While we continue with these programs there is a new effort for which we are seeking investors. As we approach the New Year it has become apparent those who bully and harass our minority brothers and sisters have been given permission from the newly empowered to expand these activities. LGBT youth are one of the groups that are especially vulnerable to hate crimes and bullying.

We're asking for an investment in a very specific program to address this issue. We're asking that you invest in an anti-bullying program that combines martial arts, energy management and meditation to train LGBT youth in self-protection.

You don’t need to be a black belt to effectively defend yourself from street harassment and bullying. You don’t need to be a Roshi to attain the self-awareness and confidence to redirect the negative energy and psychological assault that is the coin of those who bully and attack the vulnerable.

The martial arts program comes from Jeet Kune Do, the meditation is Zen and uniquely, from the beginning, professionals train the student’s mind as well as the student’s body to protect itself from bullying and assault. One tool we use is the Mondo Zen protocols developed by Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly.

Initially our program will be conducted on-site at agencies already serving the LGBT community. As and when participants are comfortable with the training they will migrate to regular dojo classes. In many ways we see the training as a bridge for LGBT youth who want to advance their self-defense skills at a Dojo/Zendo where the Sifu, the Roshi as well as other staff, provide an effective program and a welcoming environment.

Our ultimate goal is to create a template that can be developed by other programs in other cities. Your investment will allow us to do this work. Investment made as a result of this appeal will be earmarked exclusively for this program.