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Peace on the Street

A not for profit organization, Peace On The Street Inc. is committed to empowering the community with Zen arts, Zen martial arts and Zen meditation.  Our mission is to reduce conflict between the East Harlem communities as our neighborhood experiences a significant change in population.  We look to increase understanding and reduce violence between the African American, Puerto Rican and Mexican youth.   


Meditation Workshop

Meditation and Psychic Self Defense:  Establishing a Practice

A practical, student-focused workshop to support you in starting and sustaining a daily meditation practice

A weekday workshop designed for after work

Attend once a week, for eight weeks - Limited to 8 participants:  Call 212-978-8776 to schedule

Taught by Hui Neng Stan Koehler, Roshi
Zendo at 451 E 117th St, Suite 3 A

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