Peace on the Street Inc.

Peace through Strength / Paz Via Fuerza

A not for profit organization, Peace On The Street Inc. is committed to empowering the community with Zen arts, Zen martial arts and Zen meditation.  Our mission is to reduce conflict between the East Harlem communities as our neighborhood experiences a significant change in population.  We look to increase understanding and reduce violence between the African American, Puerto Rican and Mexican youth.   

Our focus in this document is to collect and narrate the activities and history of our programs through various links and videos.  A few years ago Tricycle, the National Buddhist Journal, did a cover piece on our programs and this link to the Tricycle Article can be used to access it.

Our approach is to train teachers and group facilitators from the community to implement our programs. 

One individual is Jonathan Figueroa who is a martial artist as well as a meditation teacher and group facilitator.

Sifu Garcia helped sponsor the first “Man Up Stand Up” traditional martial arts tournament. We can see Jonathan competing in that tournament here.  Jonathan also currently competes in UCL fights.  A recent UCL competition in which Jonathan participated can be viewed here as well.